Facing Change

When faced with change, I become a foot-stomping toddler inside. Big or small, major crossroads or little bends, all of them bring the same words to my lips –

“I don’t wanna!”

Change scares me. It upends my carefully constructed SIMS world, where I know my children will be home by 8 pm and there are no problems larger than choosing which cookies to bake. This world by the way has only ever existed in my own mind, but I’ve always had a really good imagination.

Can you relate?

My aversion to change was cemented early on. Between my 11th and 13th birthdays, my parents separated and divorced, and our house in small-town Pennsylvania was sold, fragmenting my family into three parts. The breakup was a sidewinding tornado, tearing up my home and hurling us apart. When the dust settled, I was in Connecticut with my mom, suffering from emotional whiplash.

“I don’t wanna!” Can that be a life mantra? I tried to make it mine.

I am 52 now, and another twister is bearing down on the landscape. It wasn’t set off by divorce or a house for sale. This time it’s about kids growing up and away, and me having to adjust to new physical limitations brought on by disease.

But, change is change. So how can I quiet the toddler within?

I found this verse, Psalm 14:26, and it seemed written for me.


He who fears the LORD has a secure fortress,

and for his children it will be a refuge

I love the image of a fortress here: strong and stable. He will surround and protect us. And God promises to be that for me and my family. When I’m caught up in the whirlwinds of change, I can focus on the seeming chaos around me or on the one who never changes.

So what scriptures help you face change?

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