Powerful Worship Songs 1

“God sees, God knows, God loves the broken heart

And holds, and binds, and heals the broken heart”

Who Sees It All by Graham Kendrick

That’s the chorus of one of my favorite worship songs. It’s inspired by Psalm 147:3 – “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” Graham Kendrick, the composer, uses each verse to emphasize the point that God sees everything about us and loves us anyway.


“Who sees it all, before whose gaze

Is darkest night bright as the day”


One of the things I admire so much about Kendrick as a songwriter is his mission to not only lead us in worship but to teach us about God’s character, and in this case, our own. For Kendrick goes on to hint at  some of our worst behaviors, and show us a God who is aware and deeply affected by what we do.

“Who sees it all, the debt that’s owed
Of lives unlived of love unknown
Who weighs the loss of innocence
Or feels the pain of our offence”

By the middle of the song I always feel convicted, and I think that’s what Kendrick wants. It’s important for us to understand the depth of our sinfulness. But thankfully, he doesn’t leave us to simply stew in self condemnation. The final two stanzas are the balm for our stinging spirits.

“Whose anger burns at what we’ve done
Then bears our sin as if his own
Who will receive us as we are
Whose arms are wide and waiting now

Whose broken heart upon a cross
Won freedom, joy and peace for us
Whose blood redeems, who ever lives
And all because of love forgives”

I can’t read those lyrics or hear them sung without being overcome again with how fully we are loved by our Heavenly Father. Sending His only Son to live with us, to die for us and now to intercede for us makes no earthly sense. Yet, it’s all true.

To me, this song is a prime example of the power worship music can have, partly because it comes right from scripture. God is so good!!

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