One Reason I Love God’s Word


I think one of the most beautiful things about Scripture is how it continues to speak to us in whatever season we find ourselves. We can always find valuable truths in any Bible book. But I know that God has often directed me to study exactly what I need to learn at any given moment.

I accepted Jesus at age 30, after many years of feeling lonely and lacking hope. During my first  years as a Christian, God knew I needed to learn about who He was and how much He loved me. Verses where God spoke reassurance to people from Job to Hannah soothed my wounded heart and help me let down my defenses.

Later, as I felt more secure in God’s love, I began to work through some of my old hurts. In my self-centered view of things, I cried out to God and questioned Him when I didn’t get what I wanted. The Psalms showed me it was alright to be honest with myself and Him about my feelings and thoughts. And the more I tried to follow David’s example, the more my crying ended up as praise.

With a stronger foundation under my feet, I was ready to grow up a little more in my faith. Proverbs then became a resource for me to learn about how to walk each day as a believer. Paul’s letters reminded me that I am not alone on my journey, and part of my call is to love others. That ignited a desire in me to have more of a servant’s heart.

How about you? Have you ever sensed God “sending” you to a section of Scripture, maybe even before you knew you needed it? Think of it as part of His plan and provision for you!

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