Lessons From My Cat

God desires our worship. But what does that mean?

41kAt+enL0L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_My book, “Bow Down: The Heart of a True Worshipper, A 30-Day Devotional“, and ebook, “Worshipping Like David” offer practical teaching and activities to help you grow in this area!


I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made…” Psalm 139

A while ago, I wrote a devotional titled, “Lessons From My Dog,” which was inspired by my English Setter, Marcie. In the devo, I said how God uses all sorts of things to teach us – including pets. Think about it. We spend time feeding, petting, playing with, and even cleaning up after them. It makes sense that we would make some observations along the way right?

Let me just quickly restate a couple of the lessons I’ve learned from my dog.

First, Marcie’s shown me that it’s good to simplify. Her to-do list is pretty short: get up, go outside, get some good food, go back to sleep and repeat. I could do with a simpler daily plan myself.

Next, she reminds me that it’s good to check my heart attitude. Marcie is “slow to anger and abounding in love”, and her ability to forgive and forget quickly puts me to shame!

Finally, Marcie proves it is good to live in the moment. I often try to think ahead or rehash the past – sometimes my body and mind end up in separate time zones!  Embracing today – that’s where I’ll find joy.

Now for my other furry friend. Because, as God has used Marcie, He’s also used Galaxy, our white longhaired kitty with pale blue eyes and double paws. Here are some things I’ve picked up from her:

It’s good to know who you are and where to get your needs met. Now, I don’t think my cat’s a Christian (is that even possible??), yet she acts like she really understands this Psalm 139 verse. It is special to be her, and we all need to remember that! I, on the other hand, struggle a lot with feeling very un-special. I need to think about those words of King David, for they are as true for me as they are for her.

Galaxy shows me it is good to know what my needs are, and who to go to for them. I’m the one she goes to, and she asks eagerly and repeatedly until I provide the food or attention she’s looking for. She becomes like the woman Jesus mentions who pesters the judge with her request until he gives in. Like Galaxy, I should know who to go to with my most important needs. My Heavenly Father already knows what they are – Jesus said so. In fact, He’s waiting to hear from me.

And finally, my cat has taught me that It’s good to make time for play. In fact, when she doesn’t get enough play time, she gets restless – her meow actually sounds a little grumpy. I don’t blame her – that’s how I can get without time to rest and play, too. God and Galaxy are telling me I need to lighten up!

The toys don’t have to be fancy, either. When we first got Galaxy, I went out and bought toys that rolled and jingled and dangled. But do you know what she likes best? A piece of kitchen twine that she can chase around – perfect for her. Now, chasing twine is not my thing. But laughing with a good friend over coffee, or taking a walk outside and soaking in sunshine? Those are my kind of toys!

I want to finish all this with the final thought from my “dog Devo”: “Who’d have thought that a dog (or cat) could be so wise?” Well, God did! He blesses us with our animal companions, and then works through them to make us smarter. Pretty clever, don’t you think?


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