Today’s Worship Walk: Mark 9:23


Everything is possible for one who believes.”

Mark 9:23

Jesus said this as a bit of a rebuke. A father brought his son who had been possessed by a demon since his childhood. When none of the disciples could expel the demon, the father turned to Jesus and asked Him to try.

“But if you can do anything, take pity on us and help us,”  he asks in verse 22.

As we read this today, we might react as Jesus did: “If? Of course He can!”

But as I read the passage, I can almost hear the discouragement in this man’s voice. He’s had to watch his son throw himself into fire and water, always on alert in case he has to save the boy yet again. Now, after travelling all this way, the disciples can’t even help.

Jesus had compassion on the both of them. Soalong with healing the son, Jesus helped the father realize that his faith needed to grow – faith in the only true Savior. That day, Jesus not only saved one boy, but changed many hearts.

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