Today’s Worship Walk: Psalm 37:7


Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him; do not fret...”

Psalm 37:7

Here’s a list for those of us who often ask, “What should I be doing about this situation?” That question implies that we ourselves have the power/authority/smarts to make an outcome we want. So, doing something means actively jumping in to change things.

But most of us have to admit that working that hard mostly just wears us out. How much better for our health if we can slow down and follow the steps this Psalm clearly lays out:

Be still” – calming our body and mind, and breathing in His peace

Wait patiently” – opening our ears and hearts to receive His leading

Do not fret” – trusting, not in our efforts or those around us, but on the One who holds our lives

Not easy, maybe, but so much more effective than any works in our own strength.


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