Today’s Worship Walk: Joel 2:25


I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten...”

Joel 2:25

Regret can be such a hard feeling to shake. The “if onlys” are enough to drive you into discouragement. When those thoughts go on too long, they become toxic, poisoning your life. Most of us have a tendency to look backward – the phrase “hindsight is 20/20” comes to mind. But I know from first-hand experience what a waste of time doing that usually is.

Yes, sometimes we can seek forgiveness from a person we’ve wronged, and mend a relationship. And we can certainly learn from situations we’d rather not go through again. The problem comes when we continue to dwell in the past, wishing we could redo or fix a bad or destructive choice.

The Book of Joel has some good news for us. God is not only willing to forgive our sins when we ask, and then to remove them from us (“as far as the East is from the West” we’re told in Psalms), but He wants to redeem our time. Simply put, He will take our regret and bless us with chances to do things better. If we’re willing to move on, we’ll find new opportunities to live God’s way.


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