Today’s Worship Walk: Philippians 4:5


Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near.”

Philippians 4:5

To me, this verse speaks about living in close relationship to God. But how do we do that?

First, we need to believe that God loves us. That is the foundation. Then, we have to accept that He truly wants to hear our prayers and desires to give us good things. When all that settles into our spirit, we’ll know we’re being cared for, provided for.

Take a moment and let those ideas wash over you. Do you feel a greater sense of peace? Savor that, and let it calm your spirit. Let that peace lead you to reach for more of God each day, and to release more of your life into His care. That’s when the gentleness Paul writes about comes into our thoughts and actions. And what a testimony that is for others who are around us!


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