Today’s Worship Walk: John 1:16

Source: Pexels

“Out of his fullness we have all received grace in place of grace already given.”

John 1:16

Of all the wonderful gifts God gives us, I think one of the best and most vital, is His grace. It’s s also one that I can take for granted if I’m not careful.

Simply put, grace is being given what we don’t deserve. If I look at myself honestly, I see a sinner who falls short of God’s standard every day. Yet, as a believer I’m also a child of the King, an heir with Christ, and a new creation. How can both be true? Grace.

God’s amazing grace starts with sending His Son to redeem us. As if that weren’t enough, He continues to anoint us with grace to grow in holiness, to become more like Jesus.

It takes strength and determination to keep growing, and God provides that for us each day. His touch can be so gentle though, that I miss it, and think any positive changes I see in myself are because of work that I’ve done. That’s forgetting God, which grieves Him.

I need to be more mindful each day of the grace God has given me already, and for how He wants to continue providing it. Maybe starting my morning with declaring His goodness, and lifting up praise. The reminder will keep me aware and humble, and invite God to continue renewing me.

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