Today’s Worship Walk: 2 Timothy 2:15

Source: Pexels

“Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.”

2 Timothy 2:15

The more time I spend in God’s Word, the more I see the importance of this advice the Apostle Paul gave to Timothy.

The Bible was written for our benefit, so we could learn about God’s nature, His commandments for living rightly, and His plan to rescue sinful mankind. We are so blessed to have this resource, and most of us spend at least some time reading and studying what’s in it.

God delights in hearing us share Scripture to comfort, teach and inspire others. But we need to be careful to study it first. We need to take in all the richness that a verse has to offer. And, most importantly, we must really understand it – not what we think it means, but what God truly meant.

I’m so grateful that God wants us to know Him so much that He provided this Book. If we use it responsibly, people will see less of us and more of our Lord, just like He intended.


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Christian Quotes: R.C. Sproul



“It is one thing to believe in God; it is quite another to believe God.”
R.C. Sproul


“Abram believed the LORD, and he credited it to him as righteousness.”

Genesis 15:6

Today’s Worship Walk:

Source: Pexels

“Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn. Live in harmony with one another.”

Romans 12:15-16

I have a confession to make, and it’s not pretty.  I’ve not been as generous in spirit as I ought to be when others get something I want. There, I said it!

We all face moments of watching a friend or co-worker, or co-minister get an opportunity we ourselves would like. The question is, how do we respond in that moment? My confession gives you a hint about my default: either self-pity (what about me?) or frustration (it’s not fair!). 

The thing is, thinking that way has never made me feel one bit better about the situation. I actually end up worse off, because I know enough about God to know that it grieves Him when I rebel. Yes, rebel.

To struggle with rejoicing at someone else’s good news means I’m doing some comparing between us, assuming I come up short. I’m also questioning God’s decision, wondering why He didn’t choose to bless me that way.

I do have a praise about this, though. Lately, the Holy Spirit has been working in me to soften my hard towards God and others. In fact, it’s getting easier to truly give thanks for the good gifts that God gives someone besides me. And when I can let go of myself for a moment, it really does feel like a celebration!

I don’t do many New Year’s resolutions, but this one keeps coming to mind: that rejoicing with others when they receive blessing needs to become my new default mindset. God wants that for me, and He’ll do it in me.

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