The Battle is the Lord’s

As I was out with the dog this morning, the song “ The Battle Belongs To The Lord” ran through my head. I think a combination of physical and emotional struggles brought it to mind. I’ve always found comfort in lyrics like,

When the enemy presses in hard do not fear;

The battle belongs to the Lord

Today as I hummed my way through the verses, the words led me to think about how God can and wants to handle our battles. Specifically, how He wants me not to fight my own battles, but to lean on Him. The Creator and Sustainer of the entire universe will use that power to help me – that’s a spirit lifter right there.

But then a further thought hit me: God has known every battle I’d be facing from before I was born. He knows the resolution of each struggle and how He will lead me there. Plainly put, God’s got it covered! God declared this truth to His young nation of Israel, and repeated it often.

For the LORD your God is the one who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies to give you victory.”                              Deuteronomy 20:4

So, what’s left for me to do? Trusting in my Heavenly Father. Simple, maybe, but far from easy for me. Too often I make my own battle plan instead of waiting on His. Then, full of myself, I grab whatever weapon I can find in the moment and rush into the fray.

Things turn so much better out when I let God be the commander, and give praise for His presence on the front lines of my life!

And we sing glory, honor,

power and strength to the Lord!