We’ve done a lot of remodeling in our house over the years. Some of the projects were planned, and others sprang up unexpectedly. However they came about, each one has ultimately added to the value of our property.Whatever we had to go through was worth the end result.

I read a blog this morning about how God has a remodeling plan for each of us, too. And I couldn’t help but make the connection between the process we’ve experienced in our house and how God has been working in me since I accepted Christ.

  • Remodeling starts with tearing down.

Removing old or outdated materials is always the first step. In our bathroom, that meant yellowed tiles and a drippy faucet. In me, it’s pride, selfishness and other wrong attitudes that need to go. Gutting a room or a heart exposes the bare bones underneath, which can be painful. But doing that clears the way for a new, stronger foundation to be built.

  • Remodeling always takes more time than planned.

It seems like every HGTV project seems to run into a big snag: electrical problems, plumbing issues or maybe insulation concerns. That happened with us during our attic re-do, several times, actually. And even though we expected it, I still got impatient. I wanted the workmen to hurry up so that I could enjoy the results. I’ve done the same thing with God when He spotlights what needs changing in me. If I’m smart, though, I’ll get out of His (and the construction crew’s) way, trusting that His methods and timing are best.

  • Remodeling is never really finished.

It’s exciting to see a room get transformed, and to have a vision be reached. But it isn’t long before I start thinking about another space that could use some TLC. I know there’ll always be something that can be improved. The more I learn about God, the more I realize that is true about me as well. I won’t be finished until I’m in heaven. But in the meantime, I’m grateful that God is faithful to keep up His renewal project in me!