Idols have been on my mind lately, especially in relation to worship. I’ve written before about all the idols I’ve had in my life, starting when I was very young. When I thought about things I wanted, such as career success, or money, or a beautiful face and body, I felt intense excitement about getting them, along with a gritty determination – I could not fail to capture them, or my life was worthless. That sounds extreme, and it was. I truly believed that without those things, there wasn’t much reason to get up in the morning. I literally worshipped the daydreams I spun about what I would do and be.

But here’s a truth I’ve learned about idols: they are illusions. Each of the items on my “To Do” list held a promise for me – a complete and exciting life full of people who loved and appreciated me for the amazing person I’d become.

Do you see the faulty thinking there?

I assumed that getting the perfect job or losing 20 pounds would suddenly make me a person who was worthy of notice. The person I already was didn’t deserve to be loved, so improving myself in all these areas was the way to earn happiness. For me, idol worship came out of insecurity. I simply didn’t like myself, and so I bought into the illusion that there was another me out there somewhere, just waiting to be discovered. But what I needed was healing, not a self-improvement regimen. Through God’s Word and some good teaching, I’ve learned that I have always been worthy of love. God actually designed the me I am – my eye color and my temperament, my shoe size and my talents. And He has always loved, accepted and respected me.

The bottom line is, I started concentrating on myself and what I should do, and more onto God and what He could do. I began to align my will to His, and to seek to please Him rather than people. I accepted Him is the source of my significance. The more I worshipped God the less of a hold the old idols had on me. They will always try to lure me away, but I won’t be following them anymore.