Jesus And The Woman At The Well


Hi everyone. This is a talk I’m giving at my church this week. I hope it blesses you!
The woman said, “I know that Messiah” (called Christ) “is coming. When he comes, he will explain everything to us.” Then Jesus declared, “I, the one speaking to you—I am he.”

John 4:25-26

Do you like to be surprised? Some people I know think being surprised is fun – it livens up their day. But others react differently. They get flustered or even upset at unexpected moments, even if they are meant to be positive.

Now when we think of surprises, we usually picture a birthday party, right? Or an anniversary party. Or maybe a visit from someone we didn’t expect. We open the door and…there they are! Well, how about surprise worship moments?

You know, it’s important to set aside time each day to connect with God. Quiet time spent reading His Word, praying or even creating art brings Him glory and blesses our spirits. But occasionally God shows up at a time or in a way we didn’t plan for.  

It can happen in the middle of the most normal day. Like the afternoon I started a load of laundry and ended up kneeling by my washer on the basement floor. I was listening to the song “Breathe”, and the truth of how much I needed Jesus hit me hard. I cried out my thanks to Him. That was a worship moment I did not know was coming, and I’m glad I didn’t miss it.

So how do you handle unexpected “God” moments? Do you recognize them when they happen? And if so, do you respond with worship?

I think of the Samaritan woman Jesus met at the well in John Chapter 4. She probably started out her morning like so many others before it. She knew her place, and had a routine. She went to the well at mid-day to fetch water just like always. But this day, she had a uncommon brush with the Lord that changed her and her village forever.

When she arrived at the well, she saw a man sitting there – that was unusual. Then He asked her for a drink – that was unheard of, and she reminded Him of that fact. “I am a Samaritan and you are a Jew.” But, amazingly enough, He stayed. The discussion they had was full of twists. This man knew things about her life, like how she’d been living with a man, and the 5 husbands she’d had before that. And maybe strangest of all: this man revealed Himself as the Messiah, the Christ!

How did she react to this unexpected encounter with the Divine? Did she get flustered or annoyed with the interruption to her day? Well, verses 28 and 29 tell us, “…leaving her water jar, the woman went back to town and said to the people ‘Come, see a man who told me everything I ever did.”  And she added, maybe with a touch of awe in her voice, “Could this be the Messiah?’

I see this woman as an example of how to be open to worship moments, however and whenever they come. I’d like to think her desire to proclaim and even evangelize about what she’d seen was a reflection of her unique personality and gifts. Her response of worship impacted not only her own faith, but that of a whole community.

I have to be honest, I’m not always gracious when my schedule is disrupted. I need to be reminded that God’s ways aren’t mine – they are better. When He reveals Himself to me, it’s a precious gift. I want to respond quickly with a heart of worship.
So I’ll ask once more – do you like surprises? I hope so. Because God may be planning to show up in the middle of your day sometime soon.